Dyno Session #1 (with Issues)

Dyno Session #1 (with Issues)

November 2, 2009 0 By Project FD

First tune session since buying the car:
– Apexi Power FC w/ Commander
– Pinned non-sequential
– Emissions delete w/ plates
– Pineapple Racing airpump delete
– Supra TT Fuel Pump
– GReddy Profec B ‘tuned’ to ~14psi
– GReddy Turbo Timer
– Full 3″ Exhaust (HKS Down/Custom Mid/SMB Catback)

Prior to bringing the car in, it seemed to lean out under load/high RPMs, and almost seemed that it was blowing the spark out

Tuner saw the lean conditions and added more fuel to the map, taking the car from 23Xrwhp to almost 253rwhp, but there were still obviously issues. Even with the additional fuel, the car seemed to still hit lean conditions/backfire at high rpms

After a few pulls, we turned the car off to let it sit, and afterwards were unable to start the car. The fuel pump was not turning back on and seemed to be excessivly hot. After letting the pump cool down for 30 mins the car was able to start back up.

Maintenance to be performed:
– New fuel filter to rule out flow restriction/cause of pump overworking
– Fuel pump rewire to verify true voltage to pump
– Check plugs to verify both that they are the correct plugs and that they are not fouled
– New plug wires

That SHOULD rule out the issues we were seeing and we can hit the dyno again to see what we get.