Dyno Session #2: Better Results

Dyno Session #2: Better Results

March 27, 2010 0 By Project FD

Did a fuel pump rewire:
– Ran a new 10 gauge ground from the pump harness to the chassis
– Ran 10 gauge from the fuel pump to the ‘Fuel Pump Relay’
– Inserted a connector into the empty fuse holder next to the ‘Circuit Open Relay’ and installed a 20a fuse
– Cut the main feed wire to the ‘Circuit Open Relay’ and put it to the newly installed 20a fuse
– Installed a new fuel filter

– New NGK spark plugs
– New NGK wires

After those maintenance items the car no longer broke up in high RPMs. First run showed the same numbers as before, 253whp. Now that we were able to clean up the tables and add more fuel/turn the boost up, we finally were able to net 308whp. The tuner noticed that he felt some ‘spin’ on the dyno, so we loaded up some people in the trunk and with traction netted 312whp/243 torque. Boost averaged 15.2 psi.

Final Results: 15.2 PSI – 312hp/243 torque