1993 Mazda RX7 LS6 Swap

1993 Mazda RX7 LS6 Swap

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Condition Used
Mileage 53,330 miles
Year 01-1993
Engine LS6 5.7L
Fuel Gasoline

Vehicle Details

Condition Used
Make Mazda
Model RX7
Year 01-1993
Price $53,000
Mileage 53,330 miles
Fuel Gasoline
Color Brilliant Black
Body Style Coupe
Transmission Manual
Doors 2
Engine LS6 5.7L

Vehicle Description

A labor of love for the past 13 years the car has been gone over and modified bolt by bolt.

The latest upgrades encompass a full engine overhaul with major parts including ported heads, Texas Speed cam and LS7 clutch kit with all new supporting components along with a full AC install (outlined in mod list below).

The initial LS engine swap was done at 52,814 chassis miles with a donor LS6 engine/T56 Tremec transmission with only 33k documented miles. As the car sits with the new upgrades it has 53,330 original chassis miles (this may go up a bit since the listing, but nothing major). The car has been professionally tuned with HP Tuners by HP Logic in West Palm Beach and professionally ‘street’ aligned by Bello Motorsports.

Driving this car is an experience with the power to weight ratio and zero ‘nanny’ devices to keep your right foot in check. This is a car you have to actually drive.

The interior is in fantastic condition for being a nearly 30 year old car but the exterior could use a refresh. The bumpers, rear deck lid, wing and hood all have fresh paint and clear. There are small dents throughout and some dents that a PDR guy should be able to pull out without issue with how thin Mazda sheetmetal is.

This car turns heads wherever it goes so be prepared to answer lots of questions when you park.
Full documentation on all work done to the car along with hundreds of build pictures available.

Initial Build:

Engine Swap Parts:
Samberg Performance LSx Mounting Kit:

– Subframe
– Transmission Mount
– Differential Mount
– Bumpsteer Kit
– Power Steering Spacer
– Camber/Caster Adjuster Plates
– FD LS1 Throttle Body Bracket

– Factory OEM C5 Vette Engine Mount Stands
– kennysrodandkustom – Biscuit Motor Mounts
– Power Steering – Pez LS1 Power Steering Line Kit
– Bulkhead gasket with ECU located in passenger footwell

– Full 94 Textured Interior Upgrade
– Garage Alpha OEM Style Aluminum Gas Pedal and Dead Pedal
– Genuine JDM EFINI Steering Wheel

– Battery relocated to rear bin w/ circuit breaker/cutoff
– Wired to front of the car for trickle charger (included)
– Braille B2015 AGM lightweight battery
– Skillard B2015 battery box
– Front relay box relocated into bumper

– Pez ECU Harness Modification (Including X11, X12, X14)
– Speedometer Correction – Dakota Digital – SGI-5 C

– Samberg Performance – FD Radiator V2 Kit with expansion tank
– Pez Fan Controller Box

– JagsthatRun 1.75″ Ceramic Coater Headers – RX7-405C
– Custom long run Y pipe (No Cats)
– SMB Muffler with Turndown Tip
– LS1 Throttle Body – Mild Port/Knife Edge

Fuel System:
– Walbro 255 Pump
– 5/16″ Vent Filter for tank – K&N – 62-2470
– Corvette Fuel Filter/FPR – Wix – 33737
– FI Hose 5/16″ – SAE 30R9 – Goodyear 18″ Line
– RS Engineering – Fuel Tank Anti Surge Kit – RSE-FD-003

– MGW Short shifter (Clocked) with Cobra Shift Knob
– Hinson Banjo Fitting & Bolt 3/8 SAE & Washers
– Energy Suspension Mount – 31108G
– GM LS1 T56 Slave Cylinder – AC Delco 18037524
– Speedway LS1 Clutch Line – 51513930
– Hinson Master Cylinder Adapter – RX7MCAdapter
– Tick Performance – Remote Bleeder – TPSBL
– Hinson Steel Driveshaft – Driveshaft Shop
– Wilwood 7/8 Master Cylinder (Modified)

– Turn One power steering pump pressure reducer fitting .093 orifice
– Pettit Racing Stage III Track Coilovers – 12K Front Springs/10K Rear Springs
– Improved Racing – Strut Tower Bar with Brake Master Cylinder Brace – SMA-20X

– Full ceramic tint
– Red JDM EFINI Front and Rear Badges
– Z06 Fuel Rail Covers (RED) – LH  GM              12564257
– Z06 Fuel Rail Covers (RED) – RH  GM              12564258
– OEM 99 Spec Front Lip
– JDM look front turn signals
– Genuine 99 Spec Rear Tail Lights
– Shine Auto Project FEED Hood (Candied/Cleared)
– Shine Auto Project FEED Type II Rear Adjustable Wing (Candied/Cleared)
– Shine Auto Project FEED carbon fiber sidesteps/skirts

New Upgrades:

Part Category Part Part Number
AC System AC Belt Gates K040410 Micro-V
AC System AC Lines / Condensor (Mana) Second Bolt Racing
AC System AC Oil AC Delco 15-118
AC System AC Pressure Sensor ACDelco 15-51289
Engine Ported 243 Heads GM 12564825
Engine Cam Retaining Plate MAHLE B31822
Engine Texas Speed Cam 228R 228/228, .600″/.600″, 114 LSA  (25-TSP228R6114)
Engine Comp Cams Trunnion Upgrade 4-13702-KIT
Engine Crank Bolt/Gasket Kit w/ GM Bolt 28-CamGskKit
Engine Gen III Head Bolts (2 Sets) TSPHB8545
Engine GM High Performance Oil Pump 28-12710303
Engine Harmonic Dampner / Crankshaft Balancer GM 12553118
Engine Head Dowel Alignment Pins x 4 99447827
Engine Head Gaskets GM 12498544
Engine Improved Racing – Billet Rear Galley Barbell ‎EGM-501
Engine Improved Racing – Racing oil pan baffle EGM-200
Engine Injectors Cleaned/Flowed Rav Spec
Engine Intake Runner Gaskets FEL-PRO MS 92438
Engine Lifter Trays x 4 GM 12595365
Engine LS7 Lifters (16) GM 12499225
Engine New Tune HP Logic
Engine Oil Pan Drain Bolt Dorman 090-936CD
Engine Oil Pan Filter Bypass Gasket GM 12611384
Engine Oil Pan Gasket GM 12612350
Engine Oil Pickup Tube Brace ICT Billet 551910
Engine Oil Pressure Sensor Cap  ICT Billet 551150
Engine Oil Pump O Ring GM 12557752
Engine RDE LS6 Chain Dampner RDE-62188
Engine Rear Housing Oil Seal GM 12639249
Engine Rear Main Seal GM 89060436
Engine Rollmaster IWIS LS2 Style Performance Timing Chain 11-SR60-2
Engine Spark Plugs NGK 3951 TR-55
Engine Steam Pipe Gaskets GM 12551933
Engine TSP .660″ Dual Spring Kit w/ Seals 199-ISSPACPOL660SpringKit
Engine TSP 7.400″ Pushrods (16) 25-7400-1
Engine Valve Cover Bolt Gaskets ICT Billet 551276
Engine Valve Cover Gaskets GM 12637683
Engine Waterpump ACDelco 252-846
Engine Waterpump T-Stat GM 15-11057
Exhaust 3″ Exhaust Gasket (Muffler) GrimmSpeed 3″ 2 Bolt
Exhaust ARP Exhaust Manifold Bolts ARP 134-1202
Exhaust Exhaust Manifold Gaskets GM 12617944
Maintenance Brake Fluid Change Valvoline DOT3
Maintenance Clutch Fluid Change Valvoline DOT3
Maintenance Oil Change Mobile 1 5W-30
Maintenance Oil Filter Mobil 1 M1-107A
Maintenance Power Steering Fluid Change Valvoline Power Stering Fluid
Maintenance Trans Tailshaft Seal GM 12530278
Suspension Alignment Bello Motorsports
Suspension Falken Azenis Rt-615k+ Tires – 275/40/17 28535983
Suspension Mount and Balance Tires Bello Motorsports
Transmission Clutch Pilot Bearing GM 14061685
Transmission Hawks Motorsports T56 Shifter Gasket HTT56SHIFTSEAL
Transmission LS7 Clutch Kit w/ Flywheel SDLS7CK