2017+ Ford F250 Console Swap – Install

2017+ Ford F250 Console Swap – Install

March 3, 2018 2 By Project FD

To the best of my knowledge I’m the first 2017+ F250 to do a console swap on an XL replacing the floor console with a full console. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Full walk-through of the process. This applies to jumpseat trucks as well except you will not need to source the brackets, just uninstall the jumpseat from the existing brackets. I still have to determine some wiring and will update the post when I pin it all out.

Parts List:
– 2015-2017 F150 Center Console – $300-$500
– 2015-2017 F150 Jump Seat/Center Console Brackets – ~$100

All parts were obtained from TASCAPARTS.COM and pricing may always change. Your color choices will impact your part numbers, these are based on “Dark Annodized” trim pieces with a full black console.
– FL3Z-15046B32-BA – Lower Panel Trim
– FL3Z-1504609-CH – Side Trim – BLACK – Driver (Check if your console comes with this part)
– FL3Z-1504608-CH – Side Trim – BLACK – Passenger (Check if your console comes with this part)
– FL3Z-1504338-DC – Panel – Instrument – Passenger
– FL3Z-1504339-ED – Panel – Instrument – Driver
– FL3Z-1504567-DA – Cup Holder/Storage (Only if your console has a shifter that you want to convert)
– GL3Z-1504339-BA – Outer Panel – Driver
– GL3Z-1504338-BA – Outer Panel – Passenger
– FL3Z-15672A40-BB – Floor Console Plug
– FL3Z-15672A40-AD – Floor Console Plug

These are needed if you want the flow-through AC to work, skip if not:
– FL3Z-18C420-C – AC Connector
– FL3Z-18C420-B – AC Extension